First Home Forever Home

Posted March 23, 2010 by ellenepstein
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I read this article in a recent Best Friends Magazine about an organization in Chicago Illinois that assists people and their pets during a housing crisis. It’s called Blessed Bonds. Their mission is to keep pets and people together when people need their pets the most. There have been instances where they found temporary foster care while their owners were in transition. They even helped to find permanent “pet friendly housing! – This is a short term intervention. They quote a devastating statistic… there is a 30% increase in people who have to give up their pets due to our economic climate. If more short term housing were available, more people could keep their beloved pets and less would be loved pets would have to be given up to shelters. Imagine the impact this could make on shelters and people.

That’s where Blessed Bonds comes in. They currently assist in Chicago residents and are helping other organizations in starting their own temporary foster pet care. They broadcast webinars and send informational material.
What a blessing this is to people in transition. Everyone wins!
To find out more information, please visiit

and check out their “First Homes Forever Home “campaign.

 Also visit


Cincinnati Magazine April 2010

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This is really exciting. A new issue came today and it includes the ULTIMATE PET GUIDE. Can’t wait to read it!
look for some Cinti and NKY pet stats soon

Keeping Your Pets in Mind when Househunting

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When you are shopping for a home and have created the “must haves and nice to haves,” don’t forget to add your pet needs to that list.

Sure location, square footage, number of rooms  are important, but what about your puppy or dogs who need a fenced in yard, the elderly dog who can’t negotiate steep steps, the cat who has trouble moving around or the acreage for your horses /a barn?  Are there community, deed, fencing restrictions?  You should know ahead of time!

ellen and Charlotte

ellen and Charlotte

If you are like me and your pets are an important part of your family, you need a pet-friendly professional realtor to help you in every step of your buying and selling experience.

When working with a pet friendly Real Estate Professional, who specializes in your needs AND your pets, ALL of your Real Estate requirements are taken into consideration.
If you are relocating, a pet-friendly Real Estate Professional can assist you in finding local vets, pet parks, groomers and boarding facilities.

I love pets the same way you do and would be honored to be entrusted with your next move! Just call, text or shoot me an e-mail.

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New Pet Airline Service

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Pet AirwaysI was reading an e-mail I received from Best Friends Animal Society. There was a snippet about Pet Airways, a newly created airline, dedicated to flying your pets, their pawsengers, in 1st class comfort. The cabins are pressure treated and staffed by trained pet attendents who are there to cater to your pets.  The inaugral cities are NY, LA, Chicago, Washington and Denver.  Fares range from $149 – $499 one way. It looks like the first flight begins on Tuesday July 14, 2009. 

Can’t wait to hear how it fares 🙂

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For more info check:

Really Cool Pet Network

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Pet Realty Network.memberlogowhite_002

I found and joined this cool network for pet friendly realtors.   The Pet Realty  There I was able to reach out to pet friendly buyers and sellers.  I also found a great article on Moving with your pet.  It talks about the stresses on people when moving and also on their pets and how to best make the transition.  There are 10 tips from pet identification  to preparing your new home for your pet.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the move, we forget about our furry friends.  Select a pet friendly realtor like me to help with the transition.

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Here is a link to the article. Let me know what you think.

My Updated Web site is here!

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At long last….an updated site.  You will first meet Charlotte (my rescue Rhodesian) and me.  I have added my kids on the “About Me” page and added a “”Pet Friendly Realtor “page with links to local Cincinnati and NKY places and service of interest to pet owners.  Please comment and let me know what you think.

Check it out at

My updated website is coming !

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I am really excited.  My pet-friendly website is on it’s way.  Not only will there be real estate tips and tips for pet owners, but links to Cincinnati’s pet friendly places  and people …like dog parks, pet grooming, pet behaviorists….Hopefully, the website can serve as a resource for local and relocation home finders and sellers and ALSO pet friendly Cincinnatians and NKYians 🙂 

When I launch it, please send me feedback!


Until then