Keeping Your Pets in Mind when Househunting

When you are shopping for a home and have created the “must haves and nice to haves,” don’t forget to add your pet needs to that list.

Sure location, square footage, number of rooms  are important, but what about your puppy or dogs who need a fenced in yard, the elderly dog who can’t negotiate steep steps, the cat who has trouble moving around or the acreage for your horses /a barn?  Are there community, deed, fencing restrictions?  You should know ahead of time!

ellen and Charlotte

ellen and Charlotte

If you are like me and your pets are an important part of your family, you need a pet-friendly professional realtor to help you in every step of your buying and selling experience.

When working with a pet friendly Real Estate Professional, who specializes in your needs AND your pets, ALL of your Real Estate requirements are taken into consideration.
If you are relocating, a pet-friendly Real Estate Professional can assist you in finding local vets, pet parks, groomers and boarding facilities.

I love pets the same way you do and would be honored to be entrusted with your next move! Just call, text or shoot me an e-mail.

paw print blue

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