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Cincinnati Magazine April 2010

March 26, 2010

This is really exciting. A new issue came today and it includes the ULTIMATE PET GUIDE. Can’t wait to read it!
look for some Cinti and NKY pet stats soon


First Home Forever Home

March 23, 2010

I read this article in a recent Best Friends Magazine about an organization in Chicago Illinois that assists people and their pets during a housing crisis. It’s called Blessed Bonds. Their mission is to keep pets and people together when people need their pets the most. There have been instances where they found temporary foster care while their owners were in transition. They even helped to find permanent “pet friendly housing! – This is a short term intervention. They quote a devastating statistic… there is a 30% increase in people who have to give up their pets due to our economic climate. If more short term housing were available, more people could keep their beloved pets and less would be loved pets would have to be given up to shelters. Imagine the impact this could make on shelters and people.

That’s where Blessed Bonds comes in. They currently assist in Chicago residents and are helping other organizations in starting their own temporary foster pet care. They broadcast webinars and send informational material.
What a blessing this is to people in transition. Everyone wins!
To find out more information, please visiit

and check out their “First Homes Forever Home “campaign.

 Also visit